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The Green Revolution has arrived to the Cities

 Charging Stations and Sustainable Mobility


AC Charging Stations

Electric mobility has burst onto the urban scene, challenging the hegemony of internal combustion vehicles. Cities, aware of environmental challenges and the need for more sustainable mobility, are betting on the installation of charging stations as a catalyst for this change.



Charging stations offer a number of crucial advantages.

Reducing air pollution:

The use of electric vehicles powered by charging stations helps reduce air pollution in urban environments. These vehicles do not emit polluting exhaust gases during their operation, thus contributing to improving air quality and mitigating health problems associated with air pollution.

Incentives for the Adoption of Electric Vehicles:

The presence of charging stations in public places acts as a powerful incentive for citizens to consider adopting electric vehicles. The convenience of charging in everyday places and the visibility of these stations dispel concerns about limited autonomy, paving the way towards more sustainable mobility.

Promotion of sustainable tourism:

Cities that adopt this technology are also positioned as attractive destinations for sustainable tourism. The presence of charging stations facilitates the visit of electric vehicle owners, thus supporting the city's image as a leader in sustainability and environmental awareness.

Season AC charging


Suitable for large, medium and small electric vehicle charging stations, electric vehicle parking spaces, urban residential areas, shopping centers and central transportation areas.

The AC charging station is designed with a frequency of 50 Hz and rated voltage at 380V.


Operating environment:

Temperature: -25ºC to 50ºC during operation.


Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa to 110kPa

Installation Vertical Tilt: <5%

Vibration and impact hardness level: <Class I

Induction intensity of the external magnetic field in any direction: <1.5 mT.

The use environment should not have dangerous explosives, raw materials, corrosive metals or harmful gases and conductive media that may damage the insulation, should not be filled with steam. 


  • Available pedestal or wall type. 

  • AC 380V input 

  • Screentactile 4.3 inches with 480x272 resolution, optional*.

  • Supports smart card reader, can be enabled to identify user, record information and calculate charging rates.

  • Button emergency stop. 

  • Outer shell made ofplasticFlame retardant ABS+PC.









A: Charging station housing

B: Decorative mask

C: AC charging connector

D: Status indicator light

E: 4.3-inch screen

F: Emergency stop button

G: Card Swipe Area FH-EA Series AC Charging Station User Instructions - 5 -

H: Cable hanging support

I: Cable management place

J: Cable hanging support for pedestal

K: Pedestal




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