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Manufacturer: mmcité

Chess board table in tropical wood


Length: 64cm

Width: 66cm

Height: 70cm

Type of structure: steel structure joined to wooden sheets by stainless blind screws.

Finish: the structure of the side walls is made of galvanized steel, provided with a layer of zinc and thermo-lacquered for protection.

Support structure: table leg for welding square profile tubes and sheet steel shapes.

Board: 12 sheets of solid wood with a rectangular cross section depicting a chessboard.

Colours: shades of polyester powder paints with a fine matt structure, supplied as standard by mmcité.

Anchoring: anchoring on the pavement to a concrete base by means of threaded rods.

All street furniture supplies must be fixed in accordance with the manufacturer's technical instructions. If these instructions are not followed, you run the risk of product damage and human consequences.

Download the Technical Sheet by clicking here.

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